If one sleeps on his back; It is advisable, in addition to the pillow for the head, to place a cushion under the knees in order to better support the natural curvature of the spine.

A cushion under the knees can also help relieve the pain caused by sciatica .
Make sure that the neck is relaxed and well aligned (neither too far forward nor too far back).

How to get out of bed while preserving his back?
Getting out of bed, getting up at once and directly putting your back and muscles to the test is not a very good idea.

It is at the rising of the bed that the lower back is the most vulnerable and it is absolutely necessary to regain his spirits before rising, to avoid a bad maneuver.

As Postured shows in the video, you have to get out of bed with the help of the arms .
To be sure to preserve your lower back, you have to do a quarter turn (literally roll out of bed actually), use the elbow that rests on the mattress and sits down, then use the arms to up.

How to sleep better in 5 points.

To put all chances of having a good quality of sleep on its side, it is important to respect the natural rhythm of the body and its internal clock.

1. To sleep better, it is recommended to get up and go to bed at the same time every day , not to linger in bed in the morning (even on weekends), to pay attention to the time There is a siesta: a siesta too late in the afternoon can ruin a whole night of sleep, and for people who have trouble falling asleep, this delay is often difficult to catch up.

And of course, avoid falling asleep in front of the TV just after dinner: in addition to punishing your stomach by imposing a complicated digestion, here also you mess up your night sleep.

2. For better sleep at night, it is also recommended to use and abuse daylight during the day. Expose yourself as much as possible to daylight, let the daylight enter your home, stay outside as long as time and your activities permit you.
Buy a daylight lamp : in the opinion of people who have one, it works, and many people are satisfied with the purchase of a daylight lamp, especially for the impact on the improvement of The quality of their sleep and the little boost of their energy during the day.

3. To sleep better, avoid the screens in the evening, near the time of bed and avoid overheating your room.

4. To sleep better, be active during the day: exercise and eat healthily , neither too much nor too little. Do not take the chance to spoil your night because of a meal too heavy or too watered, or both. Avoid exaggerated consumption of caffeine and energy drinks in the afternoon and evening.

5. When you go to bed, close the shutters, both literally and figuratively: leave your problems and stress outside the bedroom and think positive when you go to bed. It is time to breathe well, to think of relaxing the muscles, to meditate, and to give importance to things quite futile.