We are one of the best and leading Engineering Company in London – London Engineers Company. One of the best aim is to deliver high quality service in the shortest period of time, making sure that an issue does not arise anymore. For the last few months we received literally enormous amount of requests regarding Central Heating Repair service, obviously we do our best to cover all the requests and help all our customers. However, we also started receiving calls from other locations and decided to work in Leeds also. That is why, if you live in London, Leeds or any other locations around, feel free to contact us and book your time slot for our Central Heating Repair Service.

Our approach to any issue includes thorough investigation and free advice that will help prevent any boiler, tank or radiator problems in the future. Furthermore, our team of qualified and professional engineers allows us to offer long-term guarantee to our customers.

The process of our work with you regarding installation of new central heating system, goes through three steps:

  1. Map drawing
  2. Equipment purchasing
  3. Central heating installation ​​

Map drawing looks the easiest step of all three, however, we might state that it is not and that it is one of the most important parts, as our engineers have to evaluate the situation, discuss the aims and see what system is already installed.

When the first step is complete and our engineers clearly know what sort of job they need to do, they prepare a list of the “equipment”, which can be implemented in the flat. As soon as it is negotiated with the owner of the place. London Engineers Company is ready to the last step.

The last step can be considered as the easiest step of all, as the only thing that the engineers have to do is demolish the old equipment and install new central heating system.

Simply like that we are ready to provide you the best service of central heating repair or installation services! Please feel free to visit our website and book your time slot for the service that will enrich your comfort!