Indian weddings display immense passion and flaunt. And there are several reasons to cherish if you visit different types of weddings. Be it religiously different, or a difference between their castes. And whatever be the path, Indians know how to draw their interest through the way of jewels and stones. And we girls know how these ornaments are important for every bride and bridesmaids. And why not, when there is a whorl of different types of jewellery, especially in the North Indian weddings.

Explore the trend of jewellery in India and taste the real essence of North Indian weddings and pretty brides. The style and patterns of this region proudly belong back to the eras when Mughal dynasty had found its regime on the land of Hindus.

Here are some major jewellery goals that a jewel lover should never ignore;

Maang Tikka

You have heard it right! This pretty jewellery, maang tikka has found its origination from the northern region of India and is now flourishing in every part of its. One can find this as the indigenous part of the jewellery set in a bridal closet. And for serious fashion makers, good news for you; maang tikkas are available in various types, patterns, styles and with trendy stones as well.

Baaju Band

Another lovely shot from the box of jewels and love is the baaju band, which is loved and desired by every fashion enthusiast. These trinkets are taken as the symbol of being a proud bride and beholder of beauty and charisma of life. So, let’s enjoy what you have and let loose the grunge what isn’t there for you by wearing a pretty pair of a baaju band.

Toe Rings

This is one of the most traditional steps meant a lot for UP brides. As in most of the states, mangalsutra is one of the essential symbols of being married; brides also buy online toe rings for women as a sign of being tied in a nuptial bond. They are specifically worn in oxidised hues and silver metal. They are available with vivacious types of stones and mixed with other metals as well. Though people avoid wearing gold crafted toe rings as they are traditionally taken as the sacred piece of jewel.

Kada Or Bracelets

Other sorted and fine things are bangles with online bracelets which are though very specific for married women but nowadays, they are worn by maidens as well. There are many types of bangles and kadas available in the market and if we talk about the East Indian region, bauti is a special type of bangle that is worn by the Bengali married women.


The most eye striking trinket in North Indians or to be specific Punjabi is kallires. These long hanging dome-shaped accessories mostly come in pairs and are specifically available in golden hues. They partake in the Punjabi wedding rituals which are worn as the lucky trinkets. If the bride hits her Kallire on her bridesmaids or sister or friends, the lady who gets the Kallire is considered to get married next. They are not meant to be flaunted before marriage and thus have to be tied and covered with white cloth.