Many say that it can be really therapeutic if they just sit in the presence of plants. Humans are also known as biophilia which relates to their relationship with nature. Camping along with a trip comes with lot of advantages for one’s health as well. There are a lot of do’s and don’t’s that come along too. And the first thing is to have a good communication tool with your travel mates. This is where the best two-way radios come into picture.

The radio which can receive as well as transmit is called a two-way radio. The usual broadcast receiver can only receive but it cannot transmit. So, one can have a conversation using a two way radio if the other operator has similar radio which is operating with the same frequency. hand held portable form, stationary base and mobile form are the three main forms in which two way radios are available today. The hand held form is also known as hand helds, handie talkies, and walkie-talkies.

Half duplex mode is the mode in which these two way radios usually operate. This means one who is using the two way radio cannot talk and listen at the same time but they can do both. One should press to transmit and they should push if they want to talk. When the transmit button is released, then the receiver becomes active. Other examples of two way radios are cellular telephones and mobile phones. These are able to both receive and transmit. In these types of two way radios one can achieve full duplex. This needs frequency sharing methods. With this one can simultaneously carry 2 directions of the conversation.


The two ways radios can be used to benefit many communication needs. These can be used to stay connected in a trip, shopping, in a business, or they are also used in trekking and camping for safety purposes. One can find many varieties in two way radios based on their use. So based on the purpose of use one has to choose the radio. This is because they are designed to suit certain situations and environments.

The people having two way radios who are in the within the limit can receive what we transmit. There is no need to search for someone or a number. If the message should be reached to people in that frequency, pressing a button is enough. Once push the talk button no need to wait for the other operator. Like telephone one need not wait for a call to connect with other operator. If one wants to send messages to everyone, there is even option to expand the limits of the signals.

If the other operator has their radio all the time, the communication in two way radio is faster and easier. The communication time between two way radios to exchange message is minimal, and one can receive a faster response. Within few seconds one can transmit and receive messages.

There is no concept of charges applied for the conversation in case of these two way radios. There will only be purchasing cost. That’s it. Once purchased, it will give service without any cost. There will not be any costs like maintenance and mileage. By using these devices one can save more. These two way radios can be utilized for profitable activities and even for leisure activities.

Two way radios can be utilized when one need to have conversation with many people at the same time. This is because one can send messages to all of them at once without having conversation with each one of them. This is the main reason they are used because one need not waste time and there will be no delays. Consequent errors and misunderstandings are usually avoided in this type of communication. This will result in encouraging healthy culture in a work environment.

The best two-way radios can be really helpful in a business. It will be better way to reschedule a task and easily communicate it to staff. Along with saving time one can easily enhance the productivity in the work environment. Utilizing these gadgets it will be easier to assign the task all at once as they are received. This will make it easy to locate staff and reduces backtracking. Higher productivity can lead to higher profitability in a business.

Digital two way radios:

When it comes to operations and emergencies, two way radios are serving from decades. Their use ranges from, construction sites to security areas. Due to their functionalities and reliability, many prefer them for their communication needs.

Today even digital two way radio is also available. These are designed mainly to serve today’s technology changes and needs from different types of industry. One can even find rules and regulations that for particular area one should go for digital two way radios.

Noise cancelling is the main feature which comes with digital two way radios. They use many techniques to achieve this along with codecs. This will be very useful in the work environment which is really noisy. Here by using these radios one can achieve noise free transmission.

Here messages are sent in data packets. These are decoded after the received at the other end. Radio waves were the means of communication in case of analogue radios. So, in future one can even send email, pictures and text messages using digital two way radios.