Many local fisher men wear any type of shoe or at times no shoes at all while fishing. This is not only dangerous, it also causes a lot of discomfort to the feet and perhaps the reason why they end up harvesting little or nothing at all.

The fishing surface is normally wet, slippery and thus it requires shoes with good traction and water proofing ability. There are specific type of fishing shoes designed for this purpose.

They will make your work easy and enjoyable and above all provide sufficient safety measures for your feet. With this shoes, you won’t spend a lot of time chasing fish.

The shoes have special breath-ability, cushioning, insulation and waterproofing. These qualities are what you should consider when buying a fishing shoe and be rest assured that the shoes will protect you against various fishing conditions.

Here is the step by step guide on how to buy fishing shoes-

Know the depth of the fishing water to determine the right fishing shoe

The depth of the fishing water will determine the length of the shoe. Deep water will require high shoes or boots whereas in shallow waters you can use low shoes that reach the ankles.

A wading boot is preferable in this case since it will help you swim like a fish and at the same time protect you from ankle sprain.

Check the material of the shoe:

The material should be leather made from a mixture of rubber and mesh for optimal performance. The rubber at the bottom will help in exerting the traction force while the upper should be leather made (pure or synthetic leather) to help in keeping your feet insulated from water and cold.

The mesh is helps in breathing. Leather is desirable since it is long lasting while, the rubber is light in weight thus makeing it suitable for wading into the water. This shoe drains water and will therefore help keep your feet dry since it does not absorb or hold water.

Examples of water proof shoes include RedHead Mallard 11 non-insulated, RedHead Westy Waterproof rubber boots, and water Proof Slip-On Shoes.

Safety measures:

Your safety is very important even while pursuing your career. Make sure your choice for shoe guarantees your safety first.

If the shoe can allow you to walk on slippery conditions and wet rocks with ease then it is the right one. Remember, a bad shoe will leave your foot soaring and cause you a lot of discomfort.

The price:

Well, this shouldn’t be a big factor so long the shoes is of good quality. Remember, the difference between cheap and expensive may be quality.

So don’t rush for cheap low quality shoes. Normally, you will find out that cheap may actually be expensive in the long run.

Other basics:

If you are a beginner or a veteran, consider buying a shoes with high stability, quick drying and low absorption material. This will definitely provide you the ultimate safety and comfort you will need to pursue your fishing activities.


You don’t have to suffer or put your life at risk in pursuit of cash. Take precaution first and have a stress free hustle life with the right fishing shoes. Swim like a fish to catch fish.